Temple is a holy place, a place to pray, many faithful heroes begin their conquests here.

It is extremely valuable to donate resources to temple in order to increase your reputation. Sometimes it is even possible to revive a fallen hero here with his memory and experience left.


Temples have several uses, chief among them is resurrecting heroes with all their experience remaining.

It is also possible to donate gold or resources to raise reputation. 

A fairly high reputation is necessary to declare war and send vassal offers.

Building ChartEdit

Iron Stone Wood Lime People Move cost Ability Health
1 250 150 1000 250 600 1 Gold Donate
2 350 210 1400 350 840 1 Gold -
3 490 300 1960 490 1180 2 Gold -
4 690 410 2750 690 1650 2 Gold -
5 960 580 3850 960 2300 4 Gold Revive Hero

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