6 lost cities

To discover such city, a player should collect the 5 parts of the treasure map, which are randomly dropped in various temporary locations. Secondly, the map or the 5 parts of the map should be placed in the castle's treasury and assembled in the blacksmith; then, the map must be activated on the hero.

A new event will show which will give you the location of the lost city. Find the location and coordinates, and create a new campaign to the new coordinates and send your army to capture the city.

The city will be hidden until you capture the city.

The lost city provides:

  • +750 population;
  • +750 mercenary points;
  • +25% resources extracted in this location.

New Units, depending on the server you are playing:

  • Norman pikeman (1 population point);
  • Norman swordsman (1 population point);
  • Norman knight (3 population points).


  • Iroquois Horseman;
  • Iroquois with Tomahawk;
  • Mayan Warrior.