Resources to build 1 Longbow archer.

50 27 3

Sometimes you can purchase this troop with gold or diamonds.

Longbow Archer's Stats

Life 35
Sight 2
Attack 7
Range 4
Melee Attack 2
Attack Delay 15
Speed in Valley 380
Speed in City 28
Capacity 16
Morale Good

Longbow archers are:

Good against: Almogavar, Conquistador (Horse Archer)

Bad against: Swiss Mercenary (Man-at-arms), Wigged Hussar (Cataphacht), Landsknecht (Swordbrother), Halberdier (Royal Guard), Hussar (Horseman), Bandolero (Highwayman)

Very bad against: Chevalier (Knight Templar), Hero, Knight of Malta (Hospitaller Knight), Heavy Halberdier (Heavy Royal Guard), Rodelero (Swordsman), German Heavy Knight (Teutonic Knight), Battering Ram (Ram), Mortar (Catapult), Knight