The web game 1100AD  published by Amber Games, is a blend of economics, politics and warfare and tests your tactical and strategic ability. 1100AD can be played anywhere without a client, so it is easy to manage your kingdom and continue to conquer the land.

Conquer and Defend. Full tactical control over your troops in real-time combat in the city. Act aggressively or join with other players for better protection!

Advance Heroes. Hire leaders and heroes, make them lead your armies and advance their skills. A powerful hero is a half of your army!

Trade or Steal. Exchange resources with other players in order to speed up your kingdom's development, or just rob the enemies with your mighty army!

Save Your Time. The game does not require too much attention, many operations (even tactical combat) can be played automatically (by the AI). Focus only on the fields of a medieval world you wish to focus on!



War Strategy Game

War Strategy Game

El Dorado vs Eurasia II

El Dorado vs Eurasia II. First Round!

Kingdom of Bohemia Battle for a Historic City

Kingdom of Bohemia Battle for a Historic City